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To:   Faculty and Staff
From:   Atam P Dhawan
Date:   Sunday, April 12, 2015
RE:   Open Forum and Grant Opportunity Alerts: Issue: ORD-GOA-2015-13

Grant Opportunity Alerts: Issue: ORD-GOA-2015-13

In This Issue: NJIT Open Forum Event and Grant Opportunities Alert  

Event: NJIT Open Forum on Research Related Processes and Infrastructure Support

When and Where: 11.30 AM to 1.00 PM, May 1, 2015; Room GITC 1100

Organizers: Faculty Senate and Office of Research & Development

Panel Moderator and Host:  Amitabha Bose, Faculty Senate President


Henry Mauemeyer, Senior Vice President for Administration and Treasurer

Andrew P. Christ, Vice President for Real Estate Development and Capital Operations

Atam Dhawan, Interim Vice Provost for Research, Office of Research

Dave Ullman, Associate Provost for Information Services

Maria La Lima, Director, Accounts Payable

Ritu Kumar, Payroll Manager

Norman J. Van Houten, Director, Health & Environmental Safety

Kamal Joshi, Assistant Vice President, Human Resources

Jeanie Regencio, Director, Purchasing Department

Brief Description and Call for Questions: Representatives from several NJIT offices that impact your research will be present to answer questions and listen to your suggestions in order to improve the efficiency of research related processes and protocols. It will be a moderated forum where representatives from Office of Research, Purchasing, Account Payable, Computing Services, Payroll, Human Resources, Physical Plant and Safety will be joining the panel. The Faculty Senate committee of research, scholarship and creativity is now soliciting your questions and suggestions for the above offices as well as the whole NJIT research infrastructure. Please send all your questions to Jay Meegoda Meegoda@NJIT.edu before Monday April 20. On Tuesday April 21 Jay Meegoda, Amit Bose and Atam Dhawan will review your questions and send them to corresponding NJIT offices to prepare for the forum. At the forum your questions will be asked by Amit Bose and the panel