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Researcher Problem Domains

The table below, from a from a May 2015 survey of of researchers, lists the problem domain classifications and specific area within that classification for which researchers were using NJIT HPC and BD.

Number General classification Specific area
1 Bioinfomatics Metagenomics classification
2 Bioinfomatics Data analysis
3 Bioinformatics Whole genome alignments, genome evolution
4 Bioinformatics, text analysis Predicting gender and extracting health topics using social media text data
5 Biophysics Molecular dynamics simulation
6 Computational Chemistry Thermo chemistry and molecular structure
7 Computational PDE Reaction-diffusion coupled with odes
8 Computational biophysics Gaussian 09
9 Computational chemistry Molecular structures, energies and reaction transition states, vibration frequencies, electronic properties
10 Computational fluid dynamics Non newtonian multiphase flows
11 Computational fluid dynamics simulation and modeling of nano-scale and complex fluid flows
12 Computational fluid dynamics Thin film flows
13 Condensed matter physics Fortran or C programs written by me or group members
14 Electromagnetism, Wave propagation Big data
15 Granular science Tapped system simulation
16 Image forensics Training classifiers and also testing for
17 Materials research DFT and electron scattering
18 Monte Carlo simulations, optimization
19 Neural networks, genetic algorithms algorithms neural network analysis of image/video data&
20 Software verification, static analysis static analysis of source code in order to derive static analysis of artifacts such as termination, correctness
21 Statistical analysis Bootstrap sampling, anomaly detection
22 Statistical analysis Multiprocessing and big data analysis
23 Statistical analysis, cuda Brain computer interfaces, neural networks
24 Steganalysis and image forensics Extract huge features from huge number of images and conduct classification with proper classifier
25 Transportation data analysis Travel time, vehicle time travelled, vehicle count, peak hour traffic count, etc