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Remoute GUI

Instructions for running programs on a remote host and displaying graphics back to your computer's screen

Note: Your computer must be on the NJIT network or VPN.

From Linux or MacOS

ssh -XY

Example :

ssh -XY

Provide your UCID password at the "password:" prompt To test grpahics display from the remote host to your computer, enter, e.g., :

  • /usr/bin/xterm &
  • or

  • /usr/bin/xeyes &

The respective program should display on your computer.

Note:The X server has to be running on your computer for the program on the remote host to display on your computer. The X server is automatically enabled on Linux. On MacOS, you may have to install the X server. | MacOS X server

From Windows

  1. VPN information
  2. Verify that Cisco Easy VPN (from 1.) shows status CONNECTED
  3. Download and install MobaXterm
  4. Start MobaXterm
    • Session -> SSH
    • In "Remote host" enter the host you want to connect to - e.g., afsconnect2, or kong
    • OK
  5. At the "login:" and "password:" prompts, provide your UCID and password
  6. Once loggged in, try the xterm or xeyes tests above
  7. For xeyes, a window will open in the upper left but might be under any already open windows. Xeyes will appear in the taskbar - click the taskbar version to display it.