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IST/ARCS Services

IST Academic and Research Computing Systems (ARCS) manages all of the central high performance computing (HPC) and big data (BD) infrastructure at NJIT.

Website for central HPC and BD

Base Resources

All NJIT researchers are allocated certain base resources, as listed in this table.

All of the resources listed under the "Resource name" column of that table are managed by ARCS.

High Performance Computing (HPC)

Of particular interest to researchers needing high performance computing resources is, a Scientific Linux cluster see HPC specs table.

Kong is a shared resource, open to all NJIT researchers. Researchers needing dedicated resources can purchase their own nodes in Kong.

Storage locations on HPC clusters are given in this table.

HPC Software

The user's environment to run software is set up using the "module" command See UserEnvironment#Modules. Most of the available software has a corresponding module file, listed in this table.

Much of the software listed is stored in the AFS distributed file system, which means that that software is available on Linux AFS clients in addition to the HPC clusters.

Requests for software installations should be sent to :

Big Data (BD)

The shared hardware resource supports both Hadoop and Spark environments for working with BD. See Hadoop_Overview.


HTCondor is workload management software that uses spare cycles on Linux computers to perform computationally intensive work. See HTCondor


Consultation on HPC and BD matters is available by contacting