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Item Unit Per Cost, $ Notes
Tier-1 disk GB Year 0.87 Very high performance
Tier-2 disk GB Year 0.25 High performamce
Backup : Host License Each One-time 86.00 Physical hosts only
No license needed for virtual machine
Backup : Critical GB Year 0.29 Daily. Staged to disk, then tape
Backup : Reduced GB Year 0.14 Reduced frequency; tape only

Cost includes ;

  • All hardware installation, setup, and maintenance
  • All data storage licenses and connectivity
  • All platform licenses and support
  • All backup licenses, tape media, disk-to-disk and offsite storage

Eaxmple : Purchase 6TB Tier-2 disk, with Reduced backup on a virtual machine

  6000GB/year x ($0.25/GB + $0.14/GB)/year = $2340/year

Purchases can be made in yearly increments, with the minimum being one year.