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Researcher Resources : Base Allocations

NJIT Policy

  • Base resources are available to all NJIT researchers
  • If resources beyond the base allocation are needed, the reserachers must arrange for the purchase of such resources
  • Resources that are purchased are dedicated to the purchaser

See also : Off-premise computational resources.

Researcher base allocations of resources are given in the table below.

Number Resource type Resource name Default allocation Cost of dedicated resource Notes
1 HPC cluster, CPU shared use [1], [2] contact
2 HPC cluster, GPU shared use [1], [2] contact
3 Hadoop/Spark cluster shared use [1] contact
4 Oracle server shared use [1], [2]; 100GB max DiskAndBackupCost
5 Oracle server 4000GB max DiskAndBackupCost Reserved for UMLS project (CS)
6 Virtual machine chosen by researcher 2 cores, 4GB RAM, 40GB disk VMCost
7 Disk AFS 500GB max [3] DiskAndBackupCost Accessible from all AFS clients - Linux, MacOSX, Windows
8 Disk NFS 500GB max [4] DiskAndBackupCost Accessible only from the HPC cluster to which it is attached

[1]. General use of this resource is shared by multiple users on a fair share basis. Users who regularly dominate the use of the resource will be asked to purchase dedicated resources, or use off-premise resources.<
[2]. Researchers may purchase dedicated resources.
[3]. Independent of NFS allocation.
[4]. Independent of AFS allocation.