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Intel Parallel Studio XE Cluster Edition

The Intel Parallel Studio XE Cluster Edition consists of the following features

  • Compilers with mpi
  • Advisor XE
  • Inspector XE
  • VTune and Amplifier XE

    Module Commands

    module load intel/compiler
    module load intel/advisor
    module load intel/inspector
    module load intel/vtune_amplifier

    The above commands will always load the most current versions available. Specific versions can be selected as follows

    module load intel/compiler/2016.0.109

    The advisor, inspector, and vtune_amplifier module always loads the intel/compiler module.



    Path = /afs/cad/linux/intel/parallel_studio_cluster_edition_2016/compilers_and_libraries_2016

  • C Compiler - icc
  • C++ Compiler - icpc
  • Fortran Compiler - ifort


    Path = /afs/cad/linux/intel/parallel_studio_cluster_edition_2016/advisor_xe_2016

  • GUI - advixe-gui
  • CLI - advixe-cl


    Path = /afs/cad/linux/intel/parallel_studio_cluster_edition_2016/inspector_xe_2016

  • GUI - inspxe-gui
  • CLI - inspxe-cl


    Path = /afs/cad/linux/intel/parallel_studio_cluster_edition_2016/vtune_amplifier_2016

  • GUI - amplxe-gui
  • CLI - amplxe-cl


    Intel documentation for its product is extensive. It is strongly recommended that users review the documentation at

    Getting Help

    If there are questions not answered in the documentation anyone can join the Intel Forums and ask questions there.

    If Premier Support is necessary, send an email to