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Emergency maintenance on Kong 10/15-16/2018


  • In August 2017, the Grid Engine scheduler (GE) started dropping entire queue instances.
  • A workaround was created that restored the proper nodes to their corresponding queues.
  • Later in 2017 the queue instances disappearance would almost always occur when GE was restarted after it crashed. GE crashes were infrequent.


  • GE started crashing once or twice a day
  • On 10/15, a broken queue configuration was found that was causing all following queue configurations to fail when GE was restarted
  • Fixing this caused GE to start properly, but it was running many more jobes on nodes than there were available cores on the nodes
  • The decision was made to have a 24-hour outage in which to identify the causes and correct them


  • Complete queues cleanup
  • Update operating system on all nodes
  • Update GE
  • Run tests