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GITC 4320 Data Center


The purpose of the GITC 4320 data center is to host physical machines purchased by researchers that meet certain criteria, and are managed by the researcher.

Self-managed Machines

The owners of self-managed machines are responsible for all aspects of the management of those machines.


There are cases where NJIT's HPC or virtual infrastructure is not suitable for the computational needs of researchers, for a variety of reasons. In such cases, "bare metal" hardware, or "physical machine" is needed.

The data center provides:

  • Power, including UPS
  • data center-grade networking
  • HVAC
  • Rack/pod
  • Enterprise-level backups
  • Physical and network security
  • Self-service on-demand access
    • Researchers can install computational resources and bring them on-line without coordinating with CST or waiting for DNS assignment


The basic storage unit is a pod.

  • Pod dimensions: 39"H x 24"W x 43"D
  • 2 pods per 78"H rack
  • Each pod has its own power, power distribution unit (PDU) and networking
  • Lockable
    • Provides physical security for sensitive data (e.g., medical, HIPAA)
    • Such security is not available in the GITC 5302 data center
  • Dedicated to a single researcher, or shared by a group of researchers
  • Room security and locking racks suitable for research involving sensitive data
  • Accessible from front and back

Research groups are allocated one or more pods for their exclusive use.

Wherever possible, researcher equipment that located in pods should be rack-mountable.

Physical Access

  • GITC 4320 is locked and alarmed
  • Faculty and staff members of research groups are given card access to GITC 4320
  • Student members of research groups are not given card access
  • Students in research groups allowed entry into GITC 4320 by faculty/staff must be accompanied at all times by that faculty/staff person
  • ARCS staff are generally not available to accompany students when faculty/staff are not available. For emergency cases, contact to see what, if any, arrangements can be made

Network Access

All machines are accessible from the NJIT network (includes VPN).

No machines are accessible from outside the NJIT network. This means, for example, that machines in GITC 4320 cannot act as a web server that is accessible from the Internet.

If it is desirable to have a web server open to the Internet access data produced by a machine in GITC 4320, that data can be stored in AFS, where it is accessible from web server running on a virtual machine in the GITC 5302 data center.

Agreement to Conditions

Researchers wishing to locate their machines in the GITC 4320 data center are required to accept the conditions stated on this page, via email to