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Running Fluent in Parallel on Kong


In order to run fluent on kong it is necessary to set up the home directory. To do so run the following command --


This command does the following

  • creates the file ~/.sge_request
# Join stdout and stderr
-j y
# email abort; beginning; end to me
-m abe
-M $USER@njit.edu
# Run job through bash shell
-S /bin/bash
# Make the job rerunnable
# requires the ckpt below
-r yes
# Makes the job checkpointable
-ckpt fluent_ckpt
# All the optput is redirected to this file
-o $HOME/ge/logs/GE_fluent_log.\$JOB_ID
# start the job in the current working directory
  • creates the directory $HOME/ge/logs
  • create a file ~/.modules
module load sge
module load fluent
module list

Batch Job Using Journal File

Once the home directory setup is complete job can be submitted to the queue using the following command -

fluent [2d,3d,3ddp,etc..]  -ssh -t[Number of processors] -g -sge -i FLUENT_JOURNAL_FILE

for example: to run fluent 3d double precision with a journal file name fluent.jou on 32 processors

fluent 3ddp -ssh -t32 -g -sge -i fluent.jou 

Using Graphical User Interface

Enter 'fluent' on the command line


The Fluent Launcher Dialog will appear.

Unity 6 Launcher.png

Select 'Show More Options'

Make sure "Use Job Scheduler" under "Options" is selected as well as "Parallel" under "Processing Options" Select the "Dimension", Display Options" and "Options" appropriate to your work

Select the "Scheduler" Tab and select "Use SGE."

Click on the binocular icon to the right of "SGE queue." This will populate the "SGE queue" and "SGE pe" fields.


Enter the "Processes," "GPGPUs per Machine," "SGE queue," and "SGE pe" Note the following: For information on queues - see KongQueues. The fluent_pe must be selected. If using GPUs, the GPU queue must be selected

Click on the "Parallel Settings" Tab and select "ethernet" for the Interconnect and pcmpi for the MPI Type.

Click on "OK." Fluent will relaunch on a node the forward the display back to your desktop. Calculations will be performed in parallel.

Atomic folding structure illustration.png

It may take a minute or two for Fluent to relaunch.