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Major HPC Expansion

There will be a major, multi-million dollar expansion to NJIT's high performance computing (HPC) cluster infrastructure, scheduled to be on-line in Spring 2022.

This expansion will include:

  • A significant increase in the number of public-access CPU cores
  • A significant increase in the number of public-access GPU cores
  • High-speed interconnects (InfiniBand) for all new nodes
  • A parallel file system with a capacity of at least a petabyte
    • A PFS provides cluster nodes shared access to data in parallel. It enables concurrent access to storage by multiple tasks of a parallel application, to facilitate high-performance through simultaneous, coordinated input/output operations between compute nodes and storage.
  • Cluster management software
  • Support for the SLURM scheduler/resource manager

Access to the expansion

  • The expansion will be incorporated into the existing Lochness resource.
  • The access procedure for the expansion will be the same as that currently for Lochness.
  • All NJIT researchers can have their UCID account enabled on Lochness by a request to