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Software in /afs

Software in /afs is available on all AFS linux clients including afsconnect[N], afsaccess[N], osl[N], and various other machines. This software includes all of the commercial software such as Abaqus, Ansys, Mathematica, Matlab, etc.... In addition, compilers, scientific libraries, and various utilities are installed in AFS. To set your environment for software in AFS use modules. See Modules Available for more information.

Software in /opt

Software in /opt is used only by and This software consists of compilers and scientific libraries packaged and maintained by the OpenHPC consortium. and use a different distribution of modules called lmod to manage user environments. For more information on using modules on and see Modules on Lochness.

Note: software in /afs is available on and, however, only a small portion of the module files have been brought over. If a modulefile for software in /afs is needed, send an email to