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Getting Started

Welcome to editing the HPC and BD wiki. This guide provides introductory information on :

  • The screen layout of this wiki,
  • Editing existing pages
  • Creating new pages
  • Formating text
  • Uploading files and images
  • Creating links

This guide also provides references to editing guides for more advanced users.

Note: to prevent spam, all users are required to log in to the HPC and BD wiki in order to make edits. To obtain log-in information, send email to UCSalong with the following information: UCID, email address, and name.

What is on the screen

If you have not changed the skin (appearance) of this wiki (which can be done using the preferences section), take a few minutes to get oriented with what is on your screen:

Left Column: In the left column of this screen is a Welcome box, containing links to content pages
In particular :
  • Wiki Usage contains information to help you use the wiki.
  • Toolbox contains links to special pages and allows you to upload files.
Tabs Row: At the top of each page, there is a row of tabs. The most important are :
  • Discussion is for a free-form commentary of the page (aka Talk)
  • Read = read this page
  • Edit allows you to edit, preview, and save changes to a page. (May not be present, depending on your permissions)
  • View history will show you a history of all the changes made to the current page
  • The Search box searches for matching text on any of the pages of this wiki

Login, preferences, etc. links

At the top right of the screen, there are links specific to your account, including :

Searching the HPC and BD Wiki

Enter the term you are looking to find in the Search box and click the search icon. You will be redirected to a page showing the results of your search. Try a few terms to see how this works.

Additional Reading Material on Wikis