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Dear Kong Users,

Kong will be transitioned to the next stage of its existence from Tuesday May 26 through Friday May 29, 2020. During this scheduled maintenance Kong will be out of service and all running jobs will be terminated. The primary purpose of the maintenance is operating system and scheduler upgrade.

All recently-purchased reserved nodes/queues will be moved to the Lochness cluster, along with their owners' and users' files and logins. Lochness runs a much more recent version of the operating system, Centos 7.6, and a far newer job scheduler, SLURM. The main differences between SGE and SLURM are described at SGE to SLURM

The remaining queues/nodes along with users' logins and files will remain on Kong until January 4, 2021, at which time Kong will be permanently shut down.

The permanent shutdown is necessary because: 1) the very old nodes that comprise the vast majority of Kong, and which are running an old operating system, cannot reliably run newer versions of the operating system, and; 2) Red Hat support for the current Kong operating system ends Nov 30, 2020.

In summary:

  • All hardware that is currently in Kong and is supported by CentOS 7 will be moved to Lochness
  • All other hardware currently in Kong will be removed from service on January 4, 2021

ARCS is hopeful that funding for a plan for public HPC access will be established before Kong is permanently taken out of service.

The nodes/queues that will be moved to Lochness are:

  • bader
  • cld
  • datasci, datasci3, datasci4
  • ddlab
  • gor
  • gperry
  • hrjin
  • phan
  • shakib
  • xye

The following public access nodes/queues that will remain on Kong are:

  • debug
  • long
  • medium
  • short
  • smp

The following private access nodes/queues that will remain on Kong are:

  • alexzhou
  • bozzelli
  • champagn
  • jyoung
  • kenahn

The public gpu queue will be eliminated during the May 26th maintenance.

Please address all questions to : ARCS@njit.edu