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<div class="noautonum">__TOC__</div>
<div class="noautonum">__TOC__</div>
== NJIT and the Eastern Research Network (ERN) ==
== NJIT and the Eastern Regional Network (ERN) ==
<li>NJIT will set up proof-of-concept (PoC) virtual machines (VMS) immediately.
<li>NJIT has set up proof-of-concept (PoC) virtual machines (VMS),
Successfully completing this step makes NJIT an ERN member.<br />
shaar-hn.njit.edu, and has joined the ERN.</li>
NJIT Academic and Research Computing Systems (ARCS) is actively working on this step.</li>
<li>NJIT will set up <strong>ern.njit.edu</strong> cell, using AuriStorFS, ASAP.</li>
<li>NJIT will set up <strong>ern.njit.edu</strong> cell, using AuriStorFS, ASAP.</li>

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NJIT and the Eastern Regional Network (ERN)

  1. NJIT has set up proof-of-concept (PoC) virtual machines (VMS), shaar-hn.njit.edu, and has joined the ERN.
  2. NJIT will set up ern.njit.edu cell, using AuriStorFS, ASAP.
    • Use AuriStorFS free 90-day trial. This trial is extendable as long as testing progresses
    • AuriStor will provide help with setup, questions, etc.
    • ERN will have access to all of the AuriStorFS enhancements in security, performance, scalability, capacities, access control lists, administration, and client software, relative to OpenAFS
    • All ERN members will have access to this cell
  3. The ERN does not currently have funding, but expects to in the future. Assuming ERN funding materializes, and if the ern.njit.edu cell trial warrants the purchase, the ERN would seriously consider making this purchase.
  4. NSF has expressed interest in the ERN, as a counterpart to the Pacific Research Platform

Intent of the ern.njit.edu cell

  1. Significantly enhance collaboration between ERN members by providing:
    • Single name space, independent of client platform (Linux, MacOS, Windows)
    • Storage for:
      • General use
      • Script and code distribution
      • Software distribution
      • Documentation
      • Secure HIPAA and FERPA data
  2. Enable the possibility of collaboration between other research consortia that support such cells

Requirements to set up the ern.njit.edu cell

  1. NJIT sign AuriStor Enterprise Software Evalauation License Agreement
  2. Provide hardware (6 VMs and storage).
    (The trial does not put any limits on the number of DB servers and file servers).
    Initial setup:
    • Three database servers
    • One file server
    • Two MIT Kerberos servers - primary and backup - for authentication
    • 500GB storage
  3. Open ports for incoming client connections
    • DB servers, RHEL VM: UDP 7002, 7003
    • File servers, RHEL VM: UDP 7000, 7005
    • Primary Kerberos server, RHEL VM: TCP 88

Management of ern.njit.edu cell

  • ARCS will manage:
    • Database and file servers
    • ern.njit.edu cell: structure, permissions, authentication, volumes, etc.
  • Backups should be handled by NJIT Core Systems and Operations (CSO)

AuriStor client documentation; consultation

ARCS will provide documentation for ERN members:

  • How to install AuriStorFS client software on various clients
  • Scripts and utilities for users

ARCS will also provide consultation for ERN members on AuriStorFS use.