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02 October 2015

NJIT High Performance Computing and Big Data Resources Overview

NJIT provides a high performance computing (HPC) and big data hardware and software infrastructure, and staff resources for research and educational purposes.


The hardware computational infrastructure is comprised of clusters and shared memory machines, some of which are public-access and others of which are restricted to users authorized by the departments that purchased the machines.

 Hardware type		Aggregate cores		Aggregate RAM, GBytes	GFLOPS
 ______________		_______________		_____________________	______

 Public-access cluster	2,852			23,024			24,600

 Restricted-access 	540			5,248

 Restricted-access	132			96

 Public-access GPU	10,752			24			15,800

 Restricted-access GPU	10,752			24

 Public-access Hadoop 	32			256


Data storage for HPC users is provided by a combination of disks local to shared memory machines and cluster compute nodes and master nodes, and disk on NJIT's enterprise storage. The enterprise storage space, which is backed up, is accessible via distributed file systems : either NFS, from within the cluster, or AFS both within the cluster and from any AFS client. Currently, storage allocations of up several terabytes each are available to individual researchers.


A wide spectrum of scientific and engineering software, compilers, parallel programming libraries, and utilities are available for the HPC hardware infrastructure.

Academic and Research Computing Systems (ARCS) HPC Support

  • Installation of compilers, applications, libraries, and utilities requested by users
  • Installing specialized hardware for individual researchers
  • Configuring and/or arranging the implementation of specialized networking
  • Customized scripts to aid users in their use of HPC resources
  • Assistance in selection and purchase of hardware
  • Assistance in debugging and optimizing code
  • Assistance in getting applications to run
  • Assistance in working with and managing big data
  • Providing access to MySQL, Oracle, GIT, and other services in the NJIT cloud
  • Assistance in using cloud HPC resources


  • Environmentally controlled
  • UPS powered
  • Secure
  • Enterprise backup, off-site storage
  • Professional support staff

Tartan HPC Initiative

  • Computation nodes, CPU and GPU
    • Racks, chassis, networking provided
    • Researchers have access to general-access HPC cluster
    • Researchers needing additional computational resources purchase nodes dedicated to their use; nodes are installed in existing chassis
  • Storage
    • Arrays provided
    • Base level of storage is provided to researchers
    • Researchers needing additional storage purchase disk storage dedicated to their use; disks are installed in existing arrays