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Two staff members of IST ARCS devote almost all of their time to HPC and big data support, and a third member devotes some time to this. Support includes :

  • Installing specialized hardware for individual researchers
  • Configuring and/or arranging the implementation of specialized networking
  • Assistance in selection and purchase of hardware
  • Consultation on software problems
  • Providing access to MySQL, Oracle, GIT, and other services in the NJIT cloud
  • Assistance in using cloud HPC resources

HPC and big data are fields in which both the software and hardware landscape changes rapidly. Academic and Research Computing Systems staff strives to keep current in these technologies, and to provide means of educating users in these areas.

In order to aid researchers in using HPC and BD resources, and apprising users of current technologies and practices, these services are offered:

  • 2 to 3 workshops on use of HPC and big data resources
  • HPC and BD wiki
  • Annual meeting between researchers using HPC and big data resources and Academic and Research Computing Systems staff